Erwin Verweij – Agile Coach

So who am I anyway. My name is Erwin Verweij and I reside in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have worked for years as a Projectmanager. Not that it always had that name. I used to work as a production manager for film and as a Line Producer, which is basically the same as a project manager. I also worked as a software trainer. But when you observe closely, in every role I was a facilitator. A facilitator of needs. The last couple of years I worked as a Scrum Master, Agile trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach. Although lately I see myself more as an Agile Viking. I really like to work within Agile environments. I believe that each and everyone has the potential to do more and to be able to cross boundaries. In being a coach I like to help people to find that potential and grow. Apart from being an Agile coach, trainer, Certified LeSS Facilitator, Certified SAFe Agilist and Lego Serious Play Facilitator I like to create beautifull things. I do this with photography. I like to help people to find what they already have. The power to grow and create things. I can write down my entire lives history but I’m not going to bore you with that. If you want to know more, just ask. And remember that a appointment is easily made and all it costs is a cup of coffee. And I speak from experience, great things sometimes start with just a hot cup of Joe or a good cigar.

“It is definitely not a punishment working with Erwin. Work is fun, free and fearless with him as a project-manager. Erwin’s able to switch his knowledge & skills within seconds! As a professional a true captain with the managing factor, as a person one cool dude, with a heart of gold!” Colin GirothCreative, Suntzu

Certified Scrum MasterCertified Scrum ProfessionalCertified Scrum Product Owner