iFacilitate LeSS Scaling

LessScrum is a powerful framework where people can work together. Scrum works within any organization. But with only Scrum you’re not there yet. It’s good to work together, but often it is a challenge to make the connection between the team and the rest of the organization. To accommodate this  companies can use scalability. So basically Larger Scrum. But here is where new challenges come to light. As a coach I can this with  scaling Scrum, better known as LeSS (Large Scale Scrum). As a coach I am certified as less Facilitator and I can help organizations with the transition from old to new working models and contemporary collaboration.


If you want to know more about LeSS you can always ask or read about it on LeSS.Works

“Erwin was always fun to work with, always keeping a handle on the many projects we had. He’s not a stressful person, but easy to collaborate with.”
Eric VergunstOwner, Creative Martians