iFacilitate more

Apart from facilitation as a Agile coach and as Lego Serious Play Facilitator, I also do more. You might need to get people trained within your organisation in the use of Scrum or Kanban. This I can do. Do mind that I’m not an Certified trainer so I cannot provide certification. But I can get people started in the use of these Agile models. Next to training it is also possible to facilitate in Open Spaces and Brainstorm sessions. For Open Spaces I use simple rules to conduct an collaborate and transparent discussion form where people can share knowledge and insights. Brainstorming can be done by use of various methods according to your need of a specific outcome.  I can even help you with your public speaking skills by use of games like Rhetoric.

“Erwin is a networker with fresh ideas, who fights the good fight for his clients. A pleasure to work with and to achieve with.” Keith WallaceChairman, I-Portal