Erwin 3I shoot for fun. As a professional hobby. Sometimes people ask me what I do with the material? Well it is just to make the world a little more beautiful. Does that mean that everything I do has to be safe, secure and fairytale. I don’t think so. Sometimes I also like to shock and provoke a little. I like to search my own boundaries.  The human body is so amazing that I love to capture it in all its splendor. Emotions are also beauty to show in a picture but also to get from the beholder. Seeing, sharing and feeling. Others paint, I shoot what I think is beautiful. I dedicate a small part of my time to photography. My specialty is beauty and fashion and I do this parttime and as a freelancer. If you like to view my work, check my portfolio Pricing of various photo sessions can ben viewed here

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“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second”