Jip and Janneke don’t play well

jip-en-janneke-One day Jip visits Janneke. Jip would love to have a beautiful playground with everything in it. Janneke thinks she can provide in this but first she would like to know what should be in it. “A swimming pool, a slide, a sandbox and much more” said Jip. Janneke writes it all down in a beautiful plan. Jip reads it briefly and gives Janneke a green light but first he needs to see more details. A plan, a sketch and more stuff like that. Janneke goes to work with a lot of chalk and at the end of the week she shows it all to Jip.

Jip thinks it looks wonderful but he wants to know more. He asks Janneke: “How high will the slide be, what will be the temperature of the pool water and what color will the sand in the sandbox have?” Janneke does not know everything so she makes up things on the spot. “Ten meters high, the water is very hot and the sand is red“. Jip agrees and gives all his savings to Janneke. “In two weeks I’ll come back for a look” he says and leaves so Janneke can go to work. She has asked some friends from the neighborhood to help building the playground. “But you cannot build a slide that high for so little money. How hot is hot? And red sand is very bad for your clothes!” they say. “We can never build this.” Janneke is distraught. She has promised Jip and there is no way back now, he might be angry. So she decides to move forward with the project and tries to provide solutions as good possible. She promised her friends a lot of ice-cream, so she will provide the extra money for the slide from her own piggybank. The water will be just warm and for the red sand she provides a detergent for Jip’s mom.

When Jip returns after a week he can’t believe his eyes. Everything is there, but not like he had in mind. He’s scared of the ten-meter high slide. The pool is too warm. And his mother will be very angry when she sees the red dirt on his pants. Jip is angry. And he wants Janneke to rebuild the playground. Her friends don’t want to help anymore, after all it is not their playground so why bother. Janneke is very said and desperate and runs home to her mom.

Too bad Jip and Janneke didn’t really start playing together in the first place. They could have imagined how everything could be by working together. And also by bringing along Janneke’s friends in a early stage they could have worked out things much faster, because Timmy would have had a wonderful idea for the slide. And Jip was right there to feel the water and inform that it had to be colder. Jip could tell that his mother would not approve the red color for the sand and that white would be a much better idea. While building the playground, they would have found out that Jip really couldn’t swim. So they had to replace the water with balls. Which are also less expensive so the group would save money for a seesaw. Jip and Janneke, together with their friends, would build the most beautiful playground they could imagine. It would even have a real swing. Because the tree that they had encountered had a beautiful branch, and Janneke had a rope and an old car tire.

Scrum ensures that you will play together as good and as  soon as possible. By working and communicating together solutions can be found. New ideas will surface where no one would expect them. A swing and a pool with balls in it. Jip got his playground but it became much more in the end then he could imagine himself. Janneke and her piggybank would stay safe . And the friends from the neighborhood had the greatest fun in the making of the garden. They learned a lot from each other and together they solved everything. Janneke would give her friends enough freedom to come up with their own solutions as long as her piggybank would be safe. Building the playground would become real teamwork and everyone would be happy.

End …..?

Jip and Janneke are the characters in a Dutch series of children’s stories. Jip and Janneke languages is also a metaphor for telling something in layman’s terms. “Keep it simple and tell it in Jip and Janneke language.