Just a conversation at a birthday party


Everything I do captured in one picture

“So, what do you do for work if I may ask?”
“Me? I work as a Certified Scrum Coach ”
“Oh great, that’s in IT right? I know what that is.”
“Yes, I help companies to work differently. To work and communicate better amongst each other within the company. ”
“And certified, what does that say?”
“That means that in the Netherlands I am one of only three and worldwide one of eighty recognized and registered by an international organization called Scrum Alliance”
“Wow, only three in the Netherlands!”
“Yeah, accredited and registered as Certified Coach. I know that such a certificate is just a piece of paper but of course you do not get it by reading a book. They really mangled me at Scrum Alliance, the demands are very high there.”
“Then you must have a lot of work, I think agile scrum is very popular”
“Yes, but I can always do more, so I’m always looking for new challenges”
“Just coaching in Scrum?”
“Nah, I do a lot more, I teach others in the use of this Scrum framework. I provide facilitation in Lego Serious Play. I’m a Certified Lego Education Teacher Trainer. Public speaker and also train others how to stand in front of a larger group. And so on.”
“Wow, do you have any time for other things?”
“Yeah sure, I’m also a professional photographer with my own studio. I play Airsoft. I read a lot. Play games. Write blogs. I know how to entertain myself.”
“Oh my, I can’t even find the time to just read a book. Don’t you ever get tired?”
“I get energy from doing all this and I only do things that make me happy.”
“Excellent, so…. maybe you can help with something.”
“Please tell.”
“I work at this company and we are struggling with getting work done, do you think you can help?”
“Maybe, why not do coffee this week.”
“Oh great, you sure you have the time?”
“Yeah, no worries”
“Great I’ll give you a call tomorrow, but for now. Would you like another whiskey?”
“Yes please.”
“So… models?”
“Ha ha ha”