Training and workshops

The iFacilitate team offers a variety of courses to help you grow your skills in Scrum and management. The knowledgeable coaches have gained their experience by working both as classroom instructors, practicing consultants for clients across the country who are looking at how they can become more effective managers themselves or simply wanting an alternative way into learning about business leadership that’s not often found on university campuses anymore due its “risky” nature – especially if one doesn’t come from traditional backgrounds like engineering or sciences!

iFacilitate trainers are always there to answer your questions and concerns. Whether you’re looking for ways technology can be used for better management or organization, our interactive sessions provide a learning environment where all of those questions will get answered from start-to-finish! And if they don’t have an answer on hand – no problem because we go beyond just teaching; I mean who wants their training experience only consist of listening but also not providing any guidance whatsoever?

We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals! Whether it’s starting a business, rebranding yourself or learning new skills – we have the tools for success. All training courses are designed with YOU in mind and cover topics relevant at this time of change. Let us know what interests/struck chords about our company so that together may find something tailored specifically around YOUR needs?