Management 3.0 Two-Day Workshop (on location)

Management 3.0 Two-Day Workshop (on location)
Rotterdam, Nederland
20 maart 09:00 —
21 maart 17:00 CET

Management 3.0 Foundation - Two day workshop

Start into a new world of leadership and cooperation!

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop covers theoretical and practical Agile Management. It places a strong emphasis on tools that you can immediately apply after the workshop. Although the workshop was designed for the software development field, it has been successfully adopted by agile teams and organizations of all kinds worldwide.
The workshop concept is highly interactive and introduces participants to several concrete tools, known as Management 3.0 practices.

✓ performance management
✓ team collaboration and project management
✓ employee empowerment
✓ developing purpose and value inside an organization
✓ organizational hierarchy
✓ competence development
✓ agile methodology
✓ self-organization and delegation
✓ change management and organizational transformation

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop: What will you learn?

Each Foundation Workshop covers the following six views on organizations plus the basics of Management & Leadership, the Management 3.0 Principles, and Complexity Thinking.

  • Energize People: Motivation and Engagement
  • Empower Teams: Delegation and Empowerment
  • Align Constraints: Values and Culture
  • Develop Competence: Learning and Competencies
  • Grow Structure: Scaling Organizational Structure
  • Improve Everything: Change Management

Much of our Management 3.0 Foundation workshops include storytelling from employees and managers sharing their own experiences.

Day 1

Management and Leadership: Learn about the differences between Management 1.0, 2.0, and Management 3.0. We provide examples and understand why a degree of management is always needed. We lay the foundation for why systems, not people, should be managed.

Management 3.0 Principles: We delve into the relationships between principles and practices. Then, we delve deeper into the five principles of Management 3.0.

Complexity Thinking: Here, you'll learn what complex thinking is and how we can reduce complexity, as well as the dangers that accompany this process. Using the acronym "VUCA," we introduce the concept of a Complex Adaptive System and explore how frameworks can be used in this context.

Motivation and Engagement: It's clear that motivated employees are key. How can we create environments that foster motivation? The acronym "CHAMPFROGS" will accompany us in this learning module, as well as the tool of "Moving Motivators."

Delegation and Empowerment: First, we examine the concept of management and what it structurally requires in an organization. We recognize the challenge of central control in a complex environment. As a solution, we explore what delegation and empowerment are and how these two aspects can be effectively implemented in the organization.

Day 2:

Values and Culture: Here, we examine the positive and negative impacts of culture in an entrepreneurial context. We learn how you can meaningfully capture values and use them to benefit the organization. We explore storytelling and Culture Books in this module.

Learning and Competencies: What is a competency, and how does it contribute to the team? We look at the five aspects of learning and competencies and explore how a team can build competencies effectively to fulfill its tasks. We also explore the tool of "Team Competency Matrix."

Scaling Organizational Structures: Learn how a company's value creation and its organizational structure are interconnected. We examine the advantages and disadvantages of matrix organizations as well as hierarchy-oriented forms. With the "Meddler Game," we playfully explore new organizational forms.

Change Management: What do successful change initiatives have in common? We explore the sources of resistance and how to deal with them. Through the Change Management game, you will learn how change is addressed within the framework of Management 3.0 and how to use the "Celebration Grid" to celebrate changes and the insights gained from them.

Who is this course intended for?

An increasing number of companies are adopting agile methods for organizing and delivering products. However, it is only one side of the coin to focus on the "right" implementation of Scrum and emphasize adhering to time-boxes.

For sustainable change, it is important to also focus on how an agile mindset is introduced and embedded in the organization.

Management 3.0 provides relevant explanations and tools that you can immediately apply after the workshop. The concept is independent of specific methods. At its core, it is about understanding how to effectively utilize management in this new system.

The Foundation Workshop is aimed at teams and agile teams. Additionally, individuals from middle and top management typically attend this workshop to gain support for potentially new approaches. The workshop is also valuable for anyone dedicated to implementing organizational transformation. This may include roles such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, OKR Champions, or members directly involved in the company's transformation, such as individuals from HR and People Centric

What you can expect

We provide you with a highly interactive workshop, allowing ample time and space for collective exchange and experiential learning through simulations, some of which are referred to as games.

  • Language: Dutch, unless there are people attending who won't speak Dutch.
  • Van 9:00 tot 17:00

Why iFacilitate?

Ifacilitate goes beyond just providing training. We believe that the knowledge gained during training is truly valuable when it can be applied in practice. We go beyond theory and look beyond the book. Our professional trainers come from practical backgrounds and have hands-on experience. We continue to apply this knowledge daily through coaching in organizations and gladly share our experiences. We also go beyond simply delivering training – we think along with you and can even provide targeted support for your challenges. We can assist in applying the acquired knowledge within your organization or situation. We are a no-nonsense team of experts with a direct and practical approach.


After the workshop, you will receive a participation certificate from Management 3.0. We will also provide you with the presented materials in PDF format.

Rotterdam, Nederland
20 maart 09:00 —
21 maart 17:00 CET
€ 1.275,00
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